About us

tour de sens was founded by the two sisters Laura and Johanna Kutter. Their longtime concern was to facilitate travelling for those who struggle with barriers and to allow them to travel autonomously. The idea of the integrative approach of tour the sens was concretized during several joint actions with members of the Federation of Blind and Visually Impaired People Württemberg (Federal State Baden Würrtemberg).

In the meantime tour de sens has developed. Additional employees, tour guides and supporters are part of the team and Laura Kutter has taken over the management of the small business. But the main goal has remained the same. Our tours should contribute to the actual dismantling of barriers – not only in tourism, but also among blind, visually impaired and sighted people.

With a lot of conviction, we have created a comprehensive programme of tours, which is based on the profound knowledge of destinations and tourism of our team and on the experience of the past years. tour de sens has already received numerous awards for the special travel concept, amongst them the “Touristik Prize 2014”, the golden wheelchair on the CMT-fair 2013 and the prize for “Beispiel guter Inklusionspraxis (Best practice case for inclusion) from the agent of the federal government for the interests of disabled people and the inclusion advisory council.