What our travellers say about us

In the follwoing we will present you an extract of our traveller´s reviews.

Christiane L.

Black Forest, July 2012

“Very good group dynamics and atmosphere within the group, very open and relaxed atmosphere, good group size which still allows personal contact; it was good to mix the “hiking couples” every day in order to get to know each other better.” 


Nicaragua: By boat through the rainforest, February 2018

“For me it was again an unforgettable journey with many wonderful experiences.

I could very well imagine travelling to these two countries again, because there is certainly still a lot to see and experience. Many thanks to Laura, Gerion, Bernadette, Lilli, Frank and Günther, who described the things and events very well and experienced them with us.You were (are) simply super, because one could come to you with all concerns.

The whole organization of Tour de Sens was again very good and our travel group was just great! I, again, got to know many great people.

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B. Rey und M. Tretter

Paris trip of the DVBS (association) Baden-Württemberg, April 2016

“The idea of a trip to Paris has been around for quite some time; the idea of going to the cradle of blind education and writing was well received by the group. We contacted the Stuttgart tour operator “Tour de Sens” and discussed the details according to our wishes about a year ago”.

To read the entire article, in German, click here: Paris Reise des DVBS Baden-Württemberg


Rajasthan: An impressive journey to the North Indian desert state, November 2016

“We were very satisfied with the preparations of the trip itself and the support on the trip by our tour guide and tour de sens. India is a country you have to get involved with without making too many comparisons with our culture. If you don’t succeed on a trip to India, you will probably never again travel to the land of elephants, temples and spices. But if you get involved in everything that awaits you or if you study the customs and traditions of this country through good preparations, India won’t let you go so fast.”

To read the entire article, in German, click here: Rajasthan: Eine eindrucksvolle Reise in den nordindischen Wüstenstaat