Travel concept

tour de sens is a tourist company specialized in offering accessible trips for blind and visually impaired people. Since our beginnings in 2011 each trip is created and planned by ourselves, in order to offer an adapted and quality trip. Our trips are an experience for all the senses. Sound, tactile, olfactory and culinary impressions and experiences are an important part of our programmes.

To further adapt the travel experience to the needs and interests of our travelers we elaborate specific material. Thus, in each trip we have tactile models, topographical plans and 3D printed cities, in addition to various sound recordings of our own elaboration.

In addition, tour de sens offers a 1:2 companionship for those blind or visually impaired travelers who need assistance and do not bring an own travel partner or companion.

Our trips are accompanied by experienced guides, who not only know the country and the region, but also know how to describe in detail and make the travel region more accessible to all.

Our trips consist of a balanced mixture of nature, contact with the local culture, tradition and history of the region visited. Whether it’s on city or hiking routes, visits to museums or regional initiatives, with us you’ll get to know the region you want to visit in an authentic and full way.

This way we do everything possible so that you return home with the feeling of having lived a unique experience.

Our concept “tour de sens” has received numerous awards, including the “CMT Touristik Preis 2014” and the distinction of “example of good inclusive practice” of the German Inclusion advisory board.

In order to get a more detailed impression of our company and concept, please check our FAQs