Frequent questions

Who should travel with tour de sens?

Every person with a traveller’s heart. Whether you are a blind, visually impaired or a sighted traveller, an individual, asociation or group, our programmes are for everybody who wants to indulge in a different way of travelling, exploring all the senses and moving off the beaten track.

Why travel with tour de sens?

We are not an intermediary. Our trips are all self-planned, so we can take care of all aspects, in order to make the travel experience for everyone accessible, interesting and enjoyable. When planning a trip we give special attention to:

  • Programmes and contents for all senses (tonal, olphactory, culinary and tactile travel experiences) carefully prepared by our team
  • Reduction of the transfer times, in order to have more time to discover our new surroundings
  • Few changes of accomodations. On our trips we always try not to make too many accomodation changes in order to get to know the surroundings better
  • Specific material for the trips like: architectural models, city maps, topographical elements made by 3D printer, relief maps and sound recordings made by us,which we produced purposely for our trips.
  • two trained tour de sens travel guides on every group trip, who know the travel region very well and have a lot of experience with the needs and interests of blind and visually impaired people.

How can I travel with tour de sens when needing a sighted companion during the trip?

In case that you are travelling without a sighted companion, tour de sens offers a 1:2 accompaniment service. This service will be charged with a respective extra cost, which will be specified under each trip.

What is included in a tour de sens journey?

Unless specified otherwise, these listed services are always included in our travel prices:

  • Two tour de sens guides who will accompany the group during the trip
  • Accomodation with breakfast
  • Half board or full board, which includes meals at the hotel as well as meals in local restaurants
  • If you apply for one, sighted companion 1:2
  • Local guides and the tickets for museums, initiatives, tastings, etc. …
  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport, baggage transport, public transport and the specified types of transport on each trip
  • A travel programme which was created with care for blind and visually impaired people.
  • Chattel paper (obligatory for German tour operators)

What is not included in a tour de sens journey?

Normally, the travel programmes of tour de sens do not include neither the outward journey to the destiny nor the return journey, these are not part of our services. But if you need help with the booking of your flight or the special assistance at the airport, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please bear in mind that the searching and booking of adequate flights, the realisation of the respective invoice and the request of special assistant at the airport increase our work load a lot and that for this reason we will charge you an additional amount of 35 € per flight booking.

What do I have to make sure of before buying a flight ticket for a tour de sens journey?

Please note that, if you like to book your ticket yourself, it is important that you contact us before you actually buy a flight to insure that the minimal number of participants has been reached so that the trip can take place and also to make sure that the flight times coincide with our transfer possibilities.