Web-site accessibility

Our website has been designed according to the accessibility criteria of the “Web Content Accessibility Guideline” so that the application of the screen reader or braille line is as easy as possible for everyone.

Enlargement and reduction of text

To increase or reduce the content of the website you can simply press the symbol with + and – in the top right of the page or in case of using the Windows Browser “Internet Explorer”, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome you can increase or reduce the size of the page view through the following combination:

to reduce text: hold down the Ctrl key and then press the minus key “-“.
to increase text: hold down the Ctrl key and then press the plus key “+”.

Color and Contrast Adjustments

To change the contrast of our website, on a high contrast black and white page, simply click on the contrast symbol at the top right, directly to the left of the text magnification and reduction symbol.