In the following we will present you some examples of newspaper articles, blogs, television and radio reports about tour de sens. Unfortunately, most of them are in German. But you will find some in English too.

“Tour de Sens: Blind and sighted people go on discovery tours together”

The journalist Nadine Lormis carried out an interesting interview with co-founder Laura Kutter, in order to write about accessible tourism in the fair magazin Rehacare: In English: Blind and sighted people go on discovery tour together

“As a team and with all the senses”

This article was written by journalist Thomas Graf-Miedaner about our travel concept and published in the German magazine LIFT. The article describes the value of our trips for both sighted and blind travelers. The article, in German, can be downloaded at the following link: Im Team durch alle Sinne

“Without barriers: Travelling together and with all the senses. Blind and sighted travellers”.

Journalist Maren Landwehr writes about her experience on our cultural wine trip in Franconia. The article was published in the April/May issue of the Austrian magazine for disabled people ( The article is a summary of our program in Franconia as well as an account of both, the experience of a blind traveller and a sighted traveler. The article, in German, can be downloaded at the following link: Grenzenlos: Gemeinsames Reisen für alle Sinne. Für blinde und sehende Menschen

“Winter athletes with visual impairment are enthusiastic about the Arosa valley”, Switzerland.

In January, our second ski trip for blind and visually impaired athletes took place in the Swiss Arosa Valley. In the following article of the newspaper “Aroser Zeitung”, the reporter Jörg Baur, makes a good summary of this trip full of sun and snow: 26.01.2018 Arosazeitung_Blindenschneesportwoche.

“blind travelers”

In the televison programme “Volle Kanne” of the German public television “ZDF” the topic of travelling with blindness was discussed and our travel concept was presented, as well as an interview with one of our traveller, Jörg Strohmann, during the course of our trip in Franconia. Unfortunately, the video is not available any more.

“Tours for blind people.”

Journalist Sabine Brütting of the German public radio station SWR conducted an interview with tour de sens traveler Benjamin Braun and tour de sens founder Laura Kutter. The interview was heard nationally on SWR4, SWR1 and SWRInfo.

“Together we are stronger.”

Journalist Michael Pröttel of the magazine of the German Alpine Association (DAV): “PANORAMA” wrote about our hiking trip in Italian Trentino. The article describes the ascent of the group to the Panarotta peak (2014) and other hiking routes in Valsugana (Italy):