Travel programme

The travel programme presented is of our own elaboration and is part of a small selection of more than 50 travel programmes that we have created since our beginnings in 2011 for the German speaking market. All our travel programmes throughout Europe, America and Asia, always are designed with the same intention: to create unforgettable experiences for visually impaired and sighted travellers.

Currently we have decided to offer a selection of four trips in English, for associations and groups.

Some hands are exploring the tactile model of Koenigstein Fortress in the Saxonian Swiss

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Berlin and Saxony

On this trip, you will discover Berlin off the beaten tracks. Explore the changeable history of the city as it is revealed in architectural and cultural sites and get to know the everyday life of the city’s inhabitants. A train ride will bring you to Leipzig, the town where Johann Sebastian Bach became famous and the peaceful revolution of 1989 began. Nowadays, it is a vibrant university town and site of important cultural events. The next stop will be Dresden, the former royal residence and contemporary regional capital on the banks of the river Elbe. You will visit the historic city centre, the well-known church “Frauenkirche” and the impressive Semper opera. A day trip will bring you to Königstein in the hills of the Saxon Swiss. On another day you will travel to idyllic Meißen. The small town has been one of the oldest royal residences and is known for its production of pottery. While exploring these pearls of Eastern Germany you will also have the opportunity to enjoy local leisure activities, such as taking a bath in one of the famous lakes close to Leipzig, having a barbecue, or tasting beer in the brewery of Dresden.

Touching the fasade details of a building in Fort Fatepur Sikri

Northern India

The vibrant metropolis Delhi with her exuberant flower and spice markets, impressive Hindu temple, British colonial palaces and emerging business and residential areas is a good start for a journey into a completely different, impressive world.
Rajasthan offers world heritage, sand stone cities, stunning desert and riverine landscapes, deep-rooted traditions, elephants, Hindu religion and everyday culture at first hand. On our journey we will experience the world wonder Taj Mahal, the Palace of Love, visit the marble laboratory or listen to the Rajasthani folk music at a concert. The pink coloured sand stone city Jaipur will overwhelm you with its markets, fortresses and palaces. Delicious food and a cooking class will give you some impressions of the northern Indian cuisine, and while visiting an Indian family you will learn a lot about the present maharajah-dynasties and their everyday life.
A very competent, English-speaking guide and a tour de sens tour leader will accompany you. You will be accommodated in very fine hotels, former maharajah palaces and desert resorts.

Cows pasturing next to the Atlantic Ocean

Northern Spain

Mountains, the sea, world famous museums and the bustling life of Northern Spain’s cities: On our train and hiking trip along the so-called Camino del Norte (the northern route of the Camino de Santiago trail) we will experience the Basque country, Cantabria, and Asturias in various ways. In Bilbao the Guggenheim Museum is opening especially for us. During the tour visually impaired guests can experience some of the world famous exhibition pieces in a tactile way. The narrow-gauge railway FEVE will take us from one place to another on a beautiful route with a lot of Spanish vivacity on board. We will experience the coast and the mountains, try Queso Picón and get to know the vivid Siderías, the home of Asturian Cider. Oviedo, the pilgrim’s city with its beautiful cathedral, will mark the end of our trip.

The Black Forest and French Alsace

Visit South Germany and the French Alsace in its best time of the year, when the region is most enchanting, more alive, more emergent and magical. The Swabian capital Stuttgart unites the automotive industry with its wine tradition and its passion for cultural excellence, like no other capital. We will take advantage of the possibility of visiting the Mercedes-Benz museum enjoying a special tour which has been awarded numerous times, by various public and private institutions. We will visit the university city of Tübingen, with its gondoliers on the river, who tell stories transmitted from generation to generation. In one of the historic centres of the Black Forest we will get closer to the traditional life, the crystal production, the dense forests and the medieval carnivals. On the other side of the river Rhine, we will visit the city of Strasbourg, which is defined by the stunning beauty of its gothic cathedral as well as by the elegance of its historic centre, with old framework houses that shape numerous and irregular streets