touching the flower mosaics patterns of the Taj Mahals

India through the Senses of the Soul: An impressive tour to Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan

The vibrant metropolis Delhi with her exuberant flower and spice markets, impressive Hindu temple, British colonial palaces and emerging business and residential areas is a perfect start for a journey into a completely different, impressive world.

Rajasthan offers world heritage, sand stone cities, stunning desert and riverine landscapes, deep-rooted traditions, elephants, Hindu religion and everyday culture at first hand. On our journey we will experience the world wonder Taj Mahal, the Palace of Love, visit the marble laboratory or listen to the Rajasthani folk music at a concert. The pink coloured sand stone city Jaipur will overwhelm you with its markets, fortresses and palaces. Delicious food and a cooking class will give you some impressions of the Northern Indian cuisine, and while visiting an Indian family you will learn a lot about the present maharajah-dynasties and their everyday life. In an elephant reserve, you will have close contact with the giants, feed them and learn all about their everyday care. In the desert city of Jodhpur you will visit the sun palace Mehrangarh and the 10 km long, well conserved city wall. During a visit at a very successful school for blind people you will get to know the teachers, pupils and the current projects. Near Pushkar, the holy city, we will make an excursion with the camel wagon and visit the Brahma temple with his countless flower donations and the singing of priests and believers. Finally you will get to know one of India’s most important means of transportation and travel back to Delhi by train.

A very competent, English-speaking guide and a tour de sens tour leader will accompany you. You will be accommodated in four star hotels, former maharajah palaces and desert resorts.

Special features of the trip:

  • Visit of a well-known school for blind people
  • Visit of an elephant reserve: elephant feeding, etc.
  • Camel wagon trip in the semi-desert
  • Train ride from Ajmer to Delhi
  • Cooking class
  • Visit of a wood printing factory
  • Visit of an Indian family
  • Rikscha-ride through Old Delhi and visit of Delhi’s biggest mosque


Day 1: Arrival in Delhi

Say goodbye to the grey November weather and move towards the impressive North India with its lively cities, colourful markets, colonial palaces and astonishing desert regions. Once arrived in Delhi you will be taken to the hotel straight away, where you can rest and catch up on some of the lost sleep. Dinner during the flight (included), 2 nights in Delhi

Day 2: Delhi: Hindu temple and Quatb Minar

On the household-, vegetable- and spice – market you can refine your senses. Flower scent, hot chili, okras and the voices of the traders and buyers let you enter in a foreign and fascinating world. When visiting a Hindu temple you will learn about one of the most popular religions of India. The priests' mumble, the metal sound of the bells, the scent of the incense sticks will show you the peculiarities of the local belief. In the afternoon, we will visit Quatb Minar, one of the most known, architectural highlights of New Delhi from the Muslim period. Breakfast and Dinner at the hotel (included)

Day 3: Flower market and Taj Mahal

Early in the morning, we will leave our hotel in New Delhi to visit a big flower market at the gates of the city. Tagetes, Jasmine, rose leaves, blossomed cabbage and many fragranced wonders more are being sold here. The buyers are small business owners who sell those flowers to the believers near the temples within the city. From there we will drive to Agra to visit the wonder of the world Taj Mahal. Perfect, wonderful proportions, detailed marble work on the inside. Every stone shows that Emperor Shah Jahan has to have truly loved his wife to leave her such a generous gift. Many of the gemstone inlays and other architectonical details are very good to explore by touch. Subsequent to the Palace of Love we will visit a marble factory where you can experience miniatures of the Taj Mahal by touch and also buy them as a souvenir for your friends and family back home.

Breakfast and Dinner at the hotel (included), 1 night in Agra, driving distance: 200 km approx. 4 hours.

Day 4: Fatehpur Sikri and the pink city Jaipur

On our way to Jaipur we make a stop in Fatehpur Sikri, a 300-years old, deserted sand stone city, which has remained in a perfect condition due to the dry climate and which has very nice house walls and architectonical details to touch and explore. The soul of a Sufi is still being worshipped in one of its temples. The chants will welcome us as soon as we have reached the steps of the building.

In the early afternoon we will arrive in Jaipur and move into our hotel rooms in an Indian monumental protected city palace with pool and garden. If there is still time we will get to know the city, its palaces, pink-colored houses and the vibrant life at the markets, bazaars and streets. When arrival is too late, we will postpone the city visit to the following day.

Breakfast and Dinner included, 3 nights in Jaipur, driving distance: 240 km approx. 3,5 hours

Tag 5: Fort Amber and Elephant reserve

Today we will explore the region of Jaipur. We will visit the 17th century city palace Amber, which is located on the top of a mountain and above a very idyllic valley. We will get there by jeep or elephant ride. After this visit we will learn about the lifestyle of these cozy and big animals. We will visit an elephant reserve, where we will take part in the feeding, together with the local employees and get the possibility to touch the giant animals. In the evening we will visit an Indian family in Jaipur, descendants of a maharajah family, who will tell us about their life and their family history. In addition, we will have dinner with them. Breakfast and Dinner included

Day 6: Wood-printing tradition and Rajasthani music

Today we will visit a small textile printing factory. Here textiles and clothing are being printed with a wooden stamp in wonderful indigo blue and other natural colors and very nice cloths, Saris and dresses are being produced. Under the supervision of the factory employees we will print our own textile and subsequently take it home with us.

In the evening, we will invite you to taste a delicious dinner in a palace garden and listen to the sounds of Rajasthani music. Breakfast and Dinner included

Day 7: Jodhpur: Visit of the Sun Palace

Today we will have a longer drive through the offshoots of the desert Thar to Jodhpur. On our journey, we make a quick stop in a small village, where we can learn about the rural life in Northern India. In Jodhpur, we will visit a temple, in which rulers of the old days have built their own grave temple. After this, we will drive up to the 10 km long city wall and to the famous sun palace Mehrangarth, which looks like a sand castle. In Jodhpur, we will check into a hotel, in a heaven-like garden, for the next two nights. Breakfast and Dinner at the hotel included. Driving distance: 340 km, 4-5 hours. Two nights in Jodhpur

Day 8: Desert city Jodhpur and school for blind people

In the morning, we will visit the school for the blind, Netraheen Vikas Sansthan, which has gained a lot of reputation in India. This showcase project, is currently giving a free school education to 500 visually impaired and blind students. You will get to know the students and their teachers and gain insights into current projects. In the afternoon, you will drive to a village and participate at a cooking lesson in a former palace compound, where we also try the different courses of the Northern Indian Cuisine. Finally, you will drive into the city center, where you can experience the vibrant Indian life, its flavors, aromas and rumors and have time to shop some souvenirs.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.

Day 9: Pushkar: camel carts und sand dunes

Today we will make our way to the holy city of Pushkar. The city is situated in a desert region, and holds the famous Brahma Temple close to the holy lake and is a known venue for one of the biggest camel fairs in the world.

After we checked into our hotel, we will board onto camel carts, which, by the force of these desert animals, bring us to the sand dunes of Pushkar. The atmosphere here is amazing during sunset and in the evening. Breakfast and Dinner at the hotel included. Driving distance: 214 km, 3-4 hours. Two nights in Pushkar

Day 10: Brahma Temple und Holy Lake

Straight after breakfast you will visit the Brahma Temple. You will already be able to hear the bells ring and the chanting of the prayers from the distance and in the big halls of the temple you can smell the various flower offerings. After this impressive visit, we take a small walk around the holy lake. The lake serves as a place for the daily "Puja"-rituals and other religious ceremonies for the locals and visitors, which we will experience during our walk. The late afternoon can be used for relaxation in the garden of the hotel. Breakfast and Dinner included

Day 11: Train ride through the desert

In the morning, there will be time for personal activities. During a walk through the little city you can experience the surroundings in your own way. After lunch, we will drive to the closely located city of Ajmer, where we take the train to Delhi. An Indian train station is an experience on its own. But don't worry we have reserved seats and our names are already on the passenger lists on the outside of the train-wagon-doors. The train drives across bizarre desert landscapes and reaches Delhi in the late evening. Breakfast at the hotel and Dinner on the train included.

Day 12: Old-Delhi: Rickshaw-Ride, Mosque-Visit and Return Flight

In the morning you have time to relax and have an extensive breakfast. Around noon we will leave the hotel and make our way to the impressive labyrinth of small streets of Old-Delhi. First, we will do a ride on a rickshaw through the animated streets with all their textile -, paper-, and jewel-markets. Followed by a visit in the biggest mosque of the city, which is situated above the old town. We also visit a Sikh-Temple and honor it. In the evening we can freshen up, get changed and have dinner in a hotel near by the airport, before going to the airport by night to take the flight back. Breakfast and Dinner included

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Tour Impressions

Important Information

1. 1. Classification of the trip (Maximum = 4)

Culture: 4 Nature: 3 Condition/Surefootedness: 2-3

Culture: 4 Nature: 3 Condition/Surefootedness: 2-3

Our long-distance trip to North India is a cultural trip, which shows you the historical and actual Indian culture alike. In addition to the well-known architectonical highlights, visits at local people's houses, small producers, social initiatives, and to the different markets, a train ride and the qualified and heartily company of our local, Indian guide give us special and deep insights into the modern and historical India. Visits to world heritage places and palaces as well as the impressive adventures in the natural landscape of Rajasthan are also part of our journey and show the particularities of the North Indian desert state. In order to participate you need good health, a good physical condition and surefootness.

2. Travel Date

We will offer this trip arrangement within our programme "a la carte travel" for small groups.

If you are interested to book this trip together with friends, family or colleagues, don't hesitate to contact us in order to fix dates and details. Recommended season: autumn, winter and spring. Minimum number of participants: 10.

3. Prices per Person 2019

Sharing a double room: 1776, - EUR

Sighted Companion (1:2): 898, - EUR

Single room supplement: 340, - EUR

If there is a suitable roommate for you, we offer the possibility to share a double room.

4. Services included

  • 11 nights including breakfast in very good hotels and former Maharadschi-palaces
  • Half-board: 12 Dinners
  • English-speaking tour guide (India)
  • English-speaking tour de sens guide (Germany)
  • Transport in air-conditioned coach
  • Airport transfer
  • Entrance fees as mentioned in the programme: Qutab Minar Tower in Delhi, Fatehpur Sikri, Taj Mahal, Fort Amber, Fort Merangarh, etc.
  • City tours, market- and temple visits (Hindu-Temple, Brahama-Temple a.o.)
  • Visit marble workshop
  • Concert of Rajasthani folk music
  • Visit of the elephants reserve
  • Visit of a woodprint workshop and guidance when printing your own cloth
  • Visit of an Indian family
  • Visit of desert villages in Jodhpur
  • Cooking course
  • Visit of a school for blind people
  • Camel carts ride
  • Train ride from Ajmer to Delhi
  • Security Note

Not included

  • international long-haul flights to and from Delhi
  • Foreign travel insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Visa for India: Fees are between 50 € - 95 € (have a look at the special indications further down)
  • Not included meals, drinks
  • Tips
  • Not listed services and expenses for personal need

Unfortunately, guide dogs are not allowed on this trip.

The schedule may be subject to change in case of adverse weather conditions, cancellations by the partner organisations, or other unexpected incidents.

5. Special Indications for India

Here you have some important information in order to organize your trip, regarding entry and health care. You will receive more detailed information two months before the journey.


For EU citizens entry into India is possible with a Passport with a validity of at least 6 months. Additionally you will need a visa for tourist purposes. You can apply for it at the Indian Embassy in your capital (Waiting period 6 weeks, Passport has to be send to Berlin) or you can also use the e-Tourist procedure. This includes an online application, where you will receive a confirmation email, which you will have to print and to present, together with your passport when passing the immigration office at New Dehi. You will find information regarding this procedure on the following pages of the Indian Embassy: e-Tourist-Visa

If you are not a citizen of the European Union, please contact us, so we can inform you about the entry regulations which apply in your case.

Health indications

There are no mandatory vaccinations for India. Only travellers arriving from a country with cases of yellow fever or polio, have to present the corresponding vaccinations. When arriving directly from Europe there is no verification necessary. Nevertheless, we recommend to refresh the standard vaccinations before the journey (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) a.o.). Moreover the German Federal Foreign Ministry recommends vaccinations against hepatitis A, typhus und rabies. Although there have been cases of malaria in India, it is not advisable to get a chemical, malaria prophylaxis. The most reliable protection against this and more mosquito-spread diseases is the consequent protection from mosquito bites on site (long-sleeved clothing, insect repellent, air conditioning etc.). This information is based on the indications of the Federal Foreign Agency for India -travellers from Germany.  They are also dependent of the conditions of every individual traveller and the exact duration of the journey. An individual consultation from a doctor or a tropical medicine specialist is advisable.