tour de sens guests explore architectonical details of an Indian palace by touch

India through the Senses of the Soul

The vibrant metropolis Delhi with her exuberant flower and spice markets, impressive Hindu temple, British colonial palaces and emerging business and residential areas is a good start for a journey into a completely different, impressive world.
Rajasthan offers world heritage, sand stone cities, stunning desert and riverine landscapes, deep-rooted traditions, elephants, Hindu religion and everyday culture at first hand. On our journey we will experience the world wonder Taj Mahal, the Palace of Love, visit the marble laboratory or listen to the Rajasthani folk music at a concert. The pink coloured sand stone city Jaipur will overwhelm you with its markets, fortresses and palaces. Delicious food and a cooking class will give you some impressions of the northern Indian cuisine, and while visiting an Indian family you will learn a lot about the present maharajah-dynasties and their everyday life.
A very competent, English-speaking guide and a tour de sens tour leader will accompany you. You will be accommodated in very fine hotels, former maharajah palaces and desert resorts.

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