Visit to Stuttgart, Tübingen, Gengenbach, Strasbourg and Baden-Baden

Black Forest and French Alsace

Visit South Germany and the French Alsace in its best time of the year, when the region is most enchanting, more alive, more emergent and magical. The Swabian capital Stuttgart unites the automotive industry with its wine tradition and its passion for cultural excellence, like no other capital. We will take advantage of the possibility of visiting the Mercedes-Benz museum enjoying a special tour which has been awarded numerous times, by various public and private institutions. We will visit the university city of Tübingen, with its gondoliers on the river, who tell stories transmitted from generation to generation. In one of the historic centres of the Black Forest we will get closer to the traditional life, the crystal production, the dense forests and the medieval carnivals. On the other side of the river Rhine, we will visit the city of Strasbourg, which is defined by the stunning beauty of its gothic cathedral as well as by the elegance of its historic centre, with old framework houses that shape numerous and irregular streets.